Why am I doing this - and who am I?
My son Emilien had some trouble at school.
He was a wonderful little boy, intelligent, a great conversationalist, fun to be with and he enjoyed playing as all children should. But his attitude changed at school, and it took our family over a year to work out what was happening...

Emilien is not dyslexic but he does have a squint and Amelie (my wife) and I had no idea the problems it would cause. If you are dyslexic or have a dyslexic child, when I talk about misbehaving in class through frustration, anger, resentment, and embarrassment - you know exactly what my family went through.

Although a squint is obvious to see we had no idea of the issues it would cause him, and we just thought he was being naughty at school. So he was punished in class, and punished at home. We started to create a home environment which really was very difficult and stressful to live in.

I suppose we were lucky when we discovered why he was like he was, but it took a lot of time, money and effort to help him and our family. We had a kinesiologist, a psychologist, and psychometrician to help. On top of that we took him to out of school activities to help him develop skills needed to support the issues he had.

In my line of work I was hearing a lot about dyslexia, I never realised up to 20% of the population can have it. Then it hit me, I thought to myself "how do the children and parents cope with dyslexia before it's diagnosed." I knew many would be going through the extreme stress my family suffered, and I knew I had to do something about it.

With my skill set of marketing and business development, along with a huge list of contacts and a desire to succeed, I set about creating the worlds biggest free online summit for dyslexia so I can bring awareness and empowerment to families across the world. I want to help dyslexic families have easier lives and to discover their super powers!

Will you join me in my Dyslexic Adventure?

Online Summit For Dyslexic Families...
How do you fancy taking part in the World's Biggest Free Online Summit For Dyslexia? 

Date: March 1st 2020
Location: Facebook
Fee: Free to attend

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