What can I tell you about the summit?
Date: Week commencing March 1st 2020
Location: Online in a Facebook group
Cost: Free to attend
The idea is to have 168 speakers.
That's 1 speaker every hour of the day for 7 days. 
All presentations will be pre-recorded.

So it doesn't matter if you are in the UK, Australia, the USA or anywhere in the world, attendees will be able to view highly valuable content at a time to suit them. Yes I know I have a lot of work to do!

All presentations will fit into at least one of the following categories.

✓ Understanding Symptoms
✓ Diagnosis
✓ How to help your child with homework
✓ You are not alone
✓ How to lead your family
✓ How to manage your family
✓ What can we learn from other issues (such as ADHD)
✓ Can you cure dyslexia
✓ How to deal with difficult people
✓ Ways to finance tutoring
✓ Inspirational stories (no teaching needed, just your story)
✓ How to deal with stress
✓ Parents who have dyslexia 
✓ People who have written books (talk about them)
✓ Other (everything else)
Online Summit For Dyslexic Families...
How do you fancy taking part in the World's Biggest Free Online Summit For Dyslexia? 

Date: March 1st 2020
Location: Facebook
Fee: Free to attend

The Dyslexic Adventure
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