Can you lend your support?
If you could be a speaker giving help and advice that would be brilliant. Don't worry if the subject has been covered, as it's great to see different ways to achieve similar aims.

Please enter your details below, and I'll take you through what needs to be done.
After you have entered your details, I will ask you to confirm your email address and then ask you to join a private Facebook group where all the speakers congregate.
In the meantime here are some points for you.

1. The presentation is pre recorded.

2. You will record it at your end and send it through to me (we can discuss how to do that once its recorded).

3. I will add all contact links you would like me to include.

4. Presentations should be at least 15 minutes long, and no longer than 50 minutes. 

5. I have included the list of subject areas we are covering, you can see that below.

✓ Understanding Symptoms
✓ Diagnosis
✓ How to help your child with homework
✓ You are not alone
✓ How to lead your family
✓ How to manage your family
✓ What can we learn from other issues (such as ADHD)
✓ Can you cure dyslexia
✓ How to deal with difficult people
✓ Ways to finance tutoring
✓ Inspirational stories (no teaching needed, just your story)
✓ How to deal with stress
✓ Parents who have dyslexia 
✓ People who have written books (talk about them)
✓ Other (everything else)

If you want to contact me
the best way is my Facebook profile
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