Get your free ticket to the worlds biggest online dyslexia conference.
Over 100 speakers are giving up their time, to give you and your family the best opportunities ever.
As a parent of a child who has difficulties at school, I know just as well as you the pressure it brings on your children and your family. Today, I'm going to make life easier for all of us by giving you free access to the worlds biggest online dyslexia conference.

Why should you join?
Because we have expert speakers helping you with every type of situation you can imagine. From understanding dyslexia; to reducing stress; working with teachers who don't have the time to commit to your child; leading happy lives; making dyslexia your super power, and so much more!

How many speakers?
At the moment we have 112 confirmed speakers, but that will rise to 200! Yes 200 speakers who are here to help you. They  have years of experience, knowledge and expertise to share with you. 

How much does it cost?
It's free for you to attend, and there will be a little opportunity for you to keep the content to watch any time.

My aim is to help 10,000 dyslexic families!
Please register and share with your friends and family. 

This is going to be the world's biggest online dyslexia conference, you do not want to miss out on all the incredible value you will receive.

How do you access the conference and when?
Once you have registered, I give you all the details you need to attend the free event and also an opportunity to watch the presentations anytime you wish.
The Dyslexic Adventure
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