Worlds biggest online summit for understanding dyslexia and how to turn it into a personal super power!
How do you fancy being a speaker helping 1000's of families who have difficulties with reading, writing and learning?
In March 2020 you will be able to have free access to the worlds largest online summit for Dyslexia and right now I am looking for speakers!

You do not have to come from the world of dyslexia, just a passion to help other people. I'm not dyslexic, but here I am supporting families and you can join my journey by speaking at my event. There is no cost to you, and registration to watch the online virtual summit is free. 
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Frequently asked questions.
How do I deliver my speech?
All speeches are pre-recorded.

How can I record my speech?
You can either do this from your own device and submit it to me, or I can set up a meeting with you via zoom.

How long should my speech last?
30 minutes.

Can you interview me David?
I need one speech from you, plus an interview with me. The interview will consist of prepared questions that you will have already seen.

Can I promote my business or services?
I will gladly help you promote your services, however the speeches are not sales pitches, they are for educational purposes.

When will the summit take place?
1st week of March 2020

What can I talk about?
Anything related to helping families with dyslexia.

I do not specialise with dyslexia, will my speech be relevant?
There are a number of speakers just like you but are able to talk on wider topics that can help all families. If you have a speech that is supportive to family development, from life coaching to dealing with difficult people, then absolutely your speech will be valued.

What happens after I have completed the form?
I will take you to a second page and make contact with you.

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